How I Quit Smoking

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Smoking is injurious to health and thousands of people die each day from smoking. To help you live longer, here is a simple process to quit smoking without using any medical helps. First, smoke only when you have to smoke, and then eat sweet stuff, and finally avoid being around other smokers. Quitting smoking following these steps is one of the first things you should do to extend your own lifetime.

In order to quit smoking, you first have to smoke only when you have to. Quitting smoking all of a sudden could bring more harm to you, so you should try reducing the times you smoke cigarettes. Sometimes, you smoke because you do not have anything to do, or you do not feel like just standing or walking. Therefore, if you stop yourself at those times, you can reduce great amount of cigarettes.

One of the most tempting times smokers face is after a meal because that’s the time people need refreshment for their mouth. Therefore, smokers in general have to smoke after having a meal; however, you can also refresh your mouth with sweet stuff, and mint can be one of the best choices for that. Mint has a strong refreshing taste that will make you not to smoke. P.T.O.

The last thing to do to quit smoking is avoid being around other smokers because you generally want to smoke, when you see people around you smoking. Quitting smoking is a hard task without help of people around you. However, doing this could bring you hard times and even more stress, so try to quit with a friend who also wants to quit smoking. By doing this, all of you can resist the temptation, and also help each other.

After, following these three steps, you will see that you have saved yourself from smoking. There are lots of medical uses to help smokers to quit, but quitting smoking without medical uses will be better for you in the long run. Finally, the most important thing you should know is that it is your strong determination to...
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