How I Deserve for the Scholarship

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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The memorable event in my life took place 11 years ago when I passed the university entrance examination. I remember It was on August 15th 2000. It was so memorable to me because it was the first time I could make my own decision. I used to be an obedient girl when I was a child. I always listened and followed my parents’ instructions since I knew that parents always want the best things for their children. I tried my best to be the cream of the crop just to please my parents’ wishes and also to make them proud of me and love me more. However, it seemed that I became more and more obstinate when I grew up. I was tired and did not want to be a robot any more. I wanted to listen to my heart, make my own decisions and live my own life. That is why when my parents wanted me to do things as their wishes, I would do the opposite. Especially when I was about to enter university. My parents wanted me to become a businesswoman, therefore, they forced me to apply to University of Economics while my dream was to become a teacher of English and study Linguistics. Finally, I made it my own way. To my parents’ greatest disappointment, I applied to University of Social Sciences and Humanities after having a heated debate with them. I know clearly at that time I drove my parents to despair when I did not follow their advice. Only when ten years passed did I prove to them that I did make a judicious choice and I am now a very successful teacher.