How Young People Represented in Eastenders and Hollyoaks

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  • Published : January 17, 2013
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Eastenders is a British Soap Opera, first broadcast in the UK on BBC1. It’s about people who works and live in the frictional London Borough of Walford in the East End of London. The scenes usually around the Albert Square. This soap originally played in the TV as two half-hour episodes per week since 2001, for episodes are broadcast each week. It is one of the UK’s highest rated programmes. It’s created by two person called Julia Smith and Tony Holland. Hollyoaks is a long running British Soap Opera firs broadcasted on Channel 4 in 1995. It’s created by Phil Redmond and Directed by Ross Knowles and Robert Duffey. This programme is set in a fictional suburb of Chester called Hollyoaks. Scenes usually around the education college called Hollyoaks Community College. The characters are people who are in their late teens or early twenties. The series are filmed at Lime Pictures.

There are many conventions in the soaps. Cliff hangers are is a practice of ending of an episode which leaves the character in a seemingly impossible situation or something really exciting happens. The purpose of this that it makes the story so interesting which makes people want to watch the next episode of the soap. Moralistic storylines are usually main theme of the story; the lesson the main character learns. Usually people who watching the soap learns from that storyline. For example for a moral storyline is could be that: - a girl steals another girl’s roller-skate, the moral in this that stealing is wrong. Multiple storylines are means in a soap that lots of different lines going on. For example that a lady has a baby, someone had a car crash, while the school burnt down. Realism is also important for a soap opera because who watching it has to believe in that it’s ‘real’. For example people can’t sell a pen which cost 50p for £20.000 because it’s not realistic. Soaps are passing on social messages such as: drunk driving, young pregnancy, taking drugs and so on. The writers...
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