How Will You Influence People to Strive Willingly for Group Objectives in Your Organization (Target Based Industry)? Apply Your Interpersonal Influence Through Communication Process Towards Attaining Your Specialized Goals?

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  • Published: February 12, 2013
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1. Principles and practices of management
How will you influence people to strive willingly for group objectives in your organization (Target based industry)? Apply your interpersonal influence through communication process towards attaining your specialized goals? Answer: Group objectives essentially mean that a group of individuals recruited into an organization have the same objectives to achieve in the same time frame. There can be many such groups in an organization having their own group objectives. For Example: A medical device company can have a group, whose objective is to carry out research and development in a selected field of medicine. Whereas in the same company there is a group, whose objective is to market the medical device to a target population and another group whose objective is to ensure particular number of sales per month for that device. Usually when such groups have 10 or more individuals, it is often noted that even though the group achieves their objectives successfully, there will always be a percentage of individuals who are not as efficient as the others. Hence these never strive willingly for the objectives because they know that in-spite of their low efforts or motivation, the objectives will eventually be achieved. This can discourage the others who are working hard and over a period of time the objectives will be difficult to achieve as demands increase and the efforts are submaximal from the team. Hence, it is vital to influence people to strive willingly in order to have a more efficient and successful team. Here are a few suggested ways that I would use to influence people to strive willingly in order to attain group objectives: a. Influencing intrinsic factors – Monetary incentives, bonuses, reasonable salaries. These are important as basic monetary requirements of an employee must be adequately fulfilled to ensure they remain loyal to the company and don’t go looking for better offers and work half – heartedly. I would monitor performances of the employees in a group using a performance appraisal chart and incentivise those with bonuses for achievements beyond what is expected. b. Influencing extrinsic factors – Recognition, experience, seniority, awards, and employee of the month titles. It has been established that once basic needs are satisfied then the urge for achievement drives people to thrive. Gaining experience to get a better role with power and authority is often a much desired position in the company. Getting promotions and accompanying power with the position is a great incentive for motivation. Awards and recognition of the skills add values to ones repertoire of expertise and is hence another effective way to boost the morale of the employees. In the organization, I would set a day when these are applied and those who have worked hard are duly recognised, awarded and promoted as and when such reinforcement is felt needed by the board of directors. c. Applying motivational theories – Maslow’s theory of motivation says that once physiological and safety needs are met, then one thrives for need to build self-esteem and achieve more in their field of expertise.

By this theory, I will build self-esteem by positively reinforcing good behaviour, that is leading to achievement of goals and objectives. This can be done by recognizing and acknowledging these achievements in front of the entire company and by providing gifts for attaining such feats. Also based on this theory, I will provide employees with insurances and schemes that can provide security and protection to them and their families. Health insurances, life insurances and housing allowances will be provided to add value to the employees work environment and role. d. Having a balance score card – with different metrics in the score card. This will ensure that the group works as a team and they would win if everyone in the team works hard. This will limit the cannibalization of each other’s work. So I...
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