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When people first get placed into groups they often have very anxious feelings & discomfort during the first meeting. Many times people may not know the other people in the group, and may not have a good understanding of their goals. Often when placed in a group we are not sure what everyone’s role is or what to say to whom. Many people do not work well in groups or do not want to work in groups with other people. Some group members may feel that they have a heavier work load than other members. This is why many people resist group projects.

Many group projects fail when the group members are not on the same page. Some group members join a particular group for the members in the group and do not grasp the group’s goal. Some groups do not have much diversity, and the group members all have the same outlook without seeing flaws in their project. When the group members are not certain of the group’s goal the group often fails. The group will not accomplish their goal if some group members do not complete their tasks. When member join a group for social reasons and do not work toward the group’s goal they are not helping the group succeed.

I feel if I remain focused, and keep the group’s goal in mind I will help the group succeed. Remove all anxiety from the first meeting and help break the ice by saying some a few things about myself. I have very strong problem solving skills that would help the group in many ways. I will keep my goals & strengths in mind when achieving the group’s overall goal. I often find myself picking up the loose ends in a group project which I feel will help if a member drops out or does not complete their tasks on time. I will work hard to complete any and all tasks I am assigned, so the group can achieve its goal. I will bring diversity to the group and be open about my skills, goals, and eagerness to complete all tasks. I won’t assume all members have the same level of commitment as me & strive to...
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