How to Use Your Chain of Command

Topics: Sergeant, United States, United States Army Pages: 3 (1047 words) Published: February 2, 2011
“How To Use Your Chain Of Command"

Why it is important to follow proper instruction procedures in the military is for many reasons. As a soldier it is our responsibility to not only follow instruction/orders, but to execute the command. Not following orders can result into consequences not only for the soldier whom committed not following instructions, but also it can put others at risk too. Like your N.C.O. in charge of you, to your Team Leader, to your Section Sergeant, to your Platoon Sergeant, to your 1st Sergeant, to your Company Commander, to your Brigade Commander, and so on. Not only can your N.C.O. in charge of you, your Team Leader, your Section Sergeant, your Platoon Sergeant, your 1st Sergeant, your Company Commander, and your Brigade Commander could all get into trouble for your actions of not following direct instructions/orders. But some may lose rank in the process including the soldier whom didn’t follow the specific instructions/orders giving by a soldier higher rank than that individual soldier. Also when you are down range deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, North Correa, and other combat places we have our troops fighting the war at, not only can a soldier lose rank. In fact not following directions/orders you could get a soldier fighting along side of you in the war killed in combat. Try to explain to a spouse, or a mother and father, better yet the soldiers kids that the reason why your parent father or mother isn’t coming home to see you is because you flailed to follow proper instructions/ orders giving to you and that is why your parent father or mother isn’t coming home to you. Not only is it important to follow instructions/orders, but you as the soldier could lose rank. Such as your Company Commander can take all your rank away only by going through a reduction board. Give you 14 days extra duty and lost of one rank. Give you 7 days of extra duty and lost of one rank. One month of no pay. Or two months of no pay. Be put on...
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