How to Tell Lies and Excuses Essay

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How to Tell Lies and Excuses
Our parents would tell us when we were young to not do this. They would tell us that is that is right and that it is wrong. But most likely everyone had done it before. The parents most likely did it to their kids themselves. It has become part of life. Many people get into trouble for things that they have done on a daily basis, whether it is at work, school, home or anywhere. But there are ways how to avoid this. There is a simple technique that anyone can use to get out of a sticky situation. It is called lying or telling excuses. There are three steps to remember when lying or telling excuses are: to be able to make up stories, to respond in a timely manner, and to have believable or plausible stories.

First of all, when you are lying or telling excuses you need to be able to make up a story to get yourself out of trouble. There two parts of the conversation. The first part is the question that the persons ask. And the second part is your response to the question. Making up a story is important for your response to the question. For example, pretend that you got a bad grade in school and your parents ask you why you got that grade. What lie would you tell them? You can say that that you missed some tests and you still need to make them up. It is good to remember that it is never your fault. It was out of your control and you could not do anything about it. Making up stories is the first step for lying or telling excuses.

The second step when lying or telling an excuses to respond in a timely manner. You have to be able to come up with a story quickly or risk that the person suspects that you are trying to come up with a story. You cannot be take too much time before responding or you can get caught lying and get in trouble for that. This is a critical part of the lying process. You cannot wait or hesitate before you respond. The most time that get away without responding is two seconds at most. Any longer than that and...
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