How to Succeed in School

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How to Succeed in School

To get great grades in any level of school, begin with a picture of yourself as an employed adult, living in your own home. See yourself as a spouse and parent. Then begin doing what you need to do to get there.


1. Think about what you will have to offer on your application to the college you may want to attend. Will your first choice of schools want to welcome you to their student body? If you choose a military career, will the branch of service you want welcome you? 2. Think about the type of lifelong friends you want to have. Will you fit in that circle? 3. Think about what you will have to offer on your application for the job you want. Will the interviewer want to hire you over the next guy in line? Will you have the knowledge and the skills you need to get and hold the job you want? 4. Think about the kind of partner with whom you want to share your life and raise your children. Will your education attract the kind of spouse you need to help you be a good parent and a good citizen? 5. Think about the end results of your education; then you will know that good grades are not the end goal. You want a great education. This is your turn at getting the best your school has to offer. 6. Think of your teachers as offering you tools to put into your toolchest. When you graduate you can walk out of school with a full set of tools or a practically empty toolbox. Unless you have a mental disability it is up to you to pick up each tool as it is offered and put it into your toolbox. Don't let these tools slip out of your hands. 7. Set a goal. When is your next report card due? If you're making a C in a certain class, aim for a B. If you're making a B, aim for an A; so on and so forth. 8. Tell yourself you want a good future and a good job. Picture yourself in your dream job. Now picture yourself on the street. Which do you want? 9. If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, talk to him/her about your plans and let them know that you might not have as much time to focus on them. 10. Take notes in class, do your homework, and have good attendance. Make sure to focus on your studies and work, instead of that new hot guy/girl in class! 11. What ever you do, don't give up! Always set your goals high and achieve them , plan ahead, and stay on top of everything. 12. Become a well-rounded individual, but don’t forget to pursue your strengths. 13. Join extracurricular activities. This will allow you to make more friends, do something fun, and have something to add on a college or even job resume to show people that you are a well rounded-individual.


• Learn to listen. Eighty percent of the questions you find on any test were explained in class. • If you can't read well, find a tutor. An older student, a teacher, find someone who will listen as you read, read, read! • If you have poor penmanship, learn it now! Many classes require great handwriting, like English and Science. • Read more to improve reading speed and comprehension. Read for pleasure at home to achieve this. • Read all kinds of books. This way, you'll learn how to understand different texts and it'll become pretty interesting.


• Be eager to put effort and energy into your work. Shirking simply will not get you the education you want to have.

How to Become an Excellent Student Steps[pic]

Like all exceptionally great students, you must pay attention! When a teacher is giving a lesson, take notes and if you don't get something, raise your hand and ask. The more questions you ask, the smarter you'll get, believe it or not. By passing notes and talking to friends, you won't learn anything, so pay close attention! 1. Review your notes when you have free time.

2. Take some time to write some problems up, or you could ask someone to write them for you. Just remember, it doesn't hurt to go over what you have learned. 3. Do your homework. Teachers...
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