How to Save the Environment

Topics: Recycling, Earth, European Union Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: June 18, 2012
The planet earth for millennia have offered mankind natural resources for its use. However, with the growth of the human population, resources have been used at a speed that is faster than it would take for it to be replaced. Such consumption has lead to many dangerous environmental effects. Problems like oil spills, loss of rain forests and acid rain are just some of the effects of such misuse of the earths natural resources. But, to bring about significant change to clean up oil spills, or to avoid the cutting down of rain forests which leads to acid rain are complex, that intervention from governments and large companies is needed at the very least.

While this may be the case, there are some things that individuals and communities can do themselves, to help control such issues before they get out of hand. The Waste Frame Directive (WFD) which is part of the European Union Directive suggested 3 simple steps to help the environment. The 3 simple steps are to reduce, reuse and recycle (3R’s).

The first step is to reduce the use of natural resources by cutting down its use around our houses and schools. For example, the wastage of electricity can be cut down by switching off lights and equipments that are not needed. By saving electricity we reduce the use of coal which is a naturally occurring resource that is quickly being used up. The use of solar panels is a new and exciting avenue that uses sunlight to be converted to energy that can be used in homes and business which is clean and cheap, while power generated from coal is expensive and causes acid rain from the many gases that is released from its use.

The second step is to reuse, which means we use the same things more than once. For example we can use bottles and jars to store pickles or spices instead of throwing them out. We can also take our own plastic bags or cloth bags to the markets instead of using up more.

The final step is to recycle any items made of paper, plastic or glass and...
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