How to Save Human Lives and Environment

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  • Published : August 28, 2011
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How to Protect Human Lives and Environment

As time passes by, we can see lots of people are start fighting for the rights of wild animals and plants to survive on this earth that controlled by the human activities. Today we became more self-aware that we are also a part of the nature, and therefore, anything that harms the environment will also give a great impact towards us, and that the very existence of human life depends on preserving a balanced global ecosystem.

I personally think that human lives are very connective with the environment around them. According to Ehrlich (1986), he says that because the human population of the planet is about five times too large, and we’re managing to support all these people- at today’s level of misery- only by spending out capital, burning our fossil flues, dispersing our mineral resources and turning our fresh water into salt water. We are poisoning the ecological system of the earth- systems upon which we are ultimately dependent for all of our food, for all of our oxygen and for all of our waste disposal. There are four big environmental fear which are natural resources are running out, the population is ever growing, leaving less and less to eat, species are becoming extinct in vast numbers: forests are disappearing and fish stocks are collapsing and the planet’s air and water are becoming ever more polluted.

As we can see here, human lives should be protected in order to form a balanced population on earth. Besides that, environment should also be protected to help human beings to live in a suitable and safe surroundings. The responsibility in all human beings towards the human lives and environment is the main concern in this issue. God created such marvelous earth for us to live in and it is our responsibility to make sure that they are always in their good condition. But lately, see what had happen to our lovely surroundings? Aren’t they happen to be polluted and sick? As the world has changed, so...
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