How to Ride a Bike

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Cindy Quinonez
How to ride a bicycle
Dr Todd
General psychology
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This paper will discuss, various ways on how to ride a bike. It will teach readers that riding a bike can be as easy, as baking a cake. By following this techniques and wearing the proper equipment, this techniques will lead you on becoming a successful bicycle rider. And also these instructions will also inform you, on what type of injuries you can possibly encounter, if you don’t wear the proper protection before riding a bike.

How to ride a bike

Riding a bicycle was really easy for me when I was little. Being the youngest out of four siblings, made me anxious to ride one, the reason was, because we only had one bike in the house hold and because I had to wait until I was big enough to get on it, when I was able to have my first ride everything became natural for me it was like, “if I knew how to ride a bike already” I was the happiest kid in the neighborhood that day I couldn’t believe it and ever since that day I always fought my siblings to get the first ride when we were able to ride on it. My daughter got her first bike when she was three year’s old, it was easy for her because the bike had training wheels. Her second bike she got it when she was five years old, with this bike, we decided to take of the training wheels for her, because me and her father felt that she had good balancing skills and we knew that she will be okay without them. She learn to ride her bike on her own, she just got on the bike and started riding on the grass, next thing you know she was on the road writing her bike. There are different ways to teach someone how to ride a bike. The traditional way was to strain your back while running alongside them holding them up-right and pushing them until they crashed or final did it under their own power and coordination. Good sequences to follow for riding a bike are. Select a bike where the seat can be lowered enough...
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