How to Put Forward a Great Argument

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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Tammy Chang
Instructor: S. Joseph
English 103
February 25, 2013
Logical Fallacies
Do you want to have a great argument? Then you need to use excellent rhetoric technique and think carefully about what you want to say to persuade others to be on your side. You have to consider the opposition and make sure to address counterargument so that the listener can understand well what you have thought about the whole thing. Especially in modern society, we have more information and comments that can be applied in our own logical thinking skill to tell the truth from the false. There are many fallacies that exist. Four of them are appealing to pity, appealing to tradition, jumping to conclusion and reasoning that do not follow. “Mistakes in reasoning are called logical fallacies.” (Millar 33) Understanding about common logical mistakes can help us to build an argument that will win victory.

Appealing to pity is used when one is attempting to get you to feel sympathized for them and lure you to give a hand. Sometimes the helpers never know what the real situation is. For example, a homeless man begs for money on the street. Here is a heartwarming story that happened in New York on November, 2012. Officer Lawrence DePrimo saw a homeless man with no shoes walking on the street barefoot in Times Square of New York City and Officer Lawrence felt sorry for him. And it was the Christmas season so he decided to help. That police officer bought a 75 USD shoes and some socks for a homeless after he asked him his shoe size. He showed us how cold it was in New York City at the time of the year and it made us feel sympathized towards him and that lured people into giving them money such as buying shoes for the homeless to survive. “ ‘The two things that really stuck out in my mind that night was just how cold it was and that this was the most polite gentlemen I ever met, and I knew I had to help him.’ DePrimo told the TODAY SHOW.” <...
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