How to Pay Salary

Topics: Youth, Wage, Employment Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: February 28, 2011
Employers should pay young people the same salary as older colleagues doing the same job. To what extend do u agree or disagree?

The question is whether young people should be paid equally with older ones doing the same tasks is on discussion. Personally, I agree that the same income would be paid if younger workers perform work as well as their older colleages do.

It is commonly argued that older workers often are paid higher salary than young ones because of their valuable working experience. These employees may have ability to grasp opputunities and reduce risks at work. In addition, in some projects, strategies and advice from older workers can help a company save time and cost. As a result of longer working period, they are worth receiving larger salary.

However, younger people with greater skills and wider knowledge are rich source of many enterprises. It is clear that the youth can quickly adapt with new and even challenging tasks. This is because, some are equipped academic knowledge and soft skills in higher education which help them sort out work more effectively. Despite insufficient experience, younger people can contribute remarkably for development of their company. Therefore, it seems that the same wage should be paid equally between young and older workers completing the same job.

Due to the fact that competitive salary is one of the most important point to attract talent people, the income rate among different workers is a consideration. By building suitable salary bands, employees can create a working condition in which young employers are encouraged to contribute more for a company. Consequently, all are benefied.

To sum up, in my opinion, managers should pay salary according to productivity rather than age.
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