How to Make Playdough

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  • Published : October 31, 2012
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Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about how to make play dough. Central Idea: Making play dough at home can be easily made in three steps, less expensive, and just as fun for children to play with.

How to Make Play Dough


I.Attention-getter: Play-Doh was originally an all-white wallpaper cleaning compound known as Kutol Wall Cleaner. In 1955, the detergents were removed color was added, creating play-doh. It is now sold in 75 different countries and selling approximately 95 million cans a year. According to Hasbro, if you combined all the Play-Doh made, it would create a ball weighing over 700 million pounds. II.Central Idea: Making play dough at home can be less expensive and just as fun for children to play with. III.Establish Credibility and relate topic to the audience: I learned how to make this in elementary school. Since some of y’all have children I figured this would be a good way to interact with young ones. It is easy and affordable, and a good way to spend time with your child. IV.Preview the main points: First, I’ll inform you of the materials required, then, I’ll show you how to combine them to get the final product.

(To begin, I’ll go over the ingredients needed.)


I.Main Point – The first step to this project is accumulating the necessary materials. A.There are five ingredients to make play dough.
1.1 tablespoons of cooking oil
2.1 cups of boiling water
3.1 cups plain flour
4.1/2 cup of salt
5.1 child or more if you have them
B.There are also some optional materials.
2.Cream of tarter
3.Food coloring

(Now that we have the ingredients, I’ll show you how to mix them.) II.Main Point – The next step is to mix the ingredients
A.Mix everything in a bowl until it’s hard to mix anymore. B.Add optional ingredients at this time if you wish.

(Now that I’ve showed you how to combine...
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