How to Maintain Good Friendship

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How to maintain a good relationship with a person from a different culture
I first looked not so confident to communicate with any foreigners because I didn’t know how to find the opening expressing to foreigner because we differed culture such as lifestyle or habitual life. Meanwhile, once I got connection with them, I wished my relationship be longer. As soon as you will know each other; latter on, you exactly would like to make the relationship with foreigner stay longer. Aren’t you? I have had several experiences in talking with many foreigners and our relationship still in connecting since they have left Cambodia for one and a half year already. I would like to share some points to maintain relationship with a person from a different culture.

First of all, you must appreciate their background well. Unless you know the background of foreigner whom you talk with, there will be a little to bit difficulties to start your talk at the beginning. It is impression that we can introduce ourselves such as name, study, character, hobby so on. Spending longer time to know this basic information by chit chat, you will release the talking seems approachable to each other.

After that, make sure that your friendship is closer. Second, knowing know well about each culture. You need to know the culture of his or her country so that you can adapt into the situation or avoid of mistakes by saying verbal or visible expression. Example, native Malaysian women may not shake hands with men. Women can shake hands with women. Men may also not shake hands with women and may bow instead while placing their hand on their heart. So, you have to be cautious against misunderstanding.

Third, sharing or introducing each the culture. At this point you can introduce the culture widely and evidently such tradition, custom, and other introducing of culture include language, people, lifestyle, art or festival in your country. Example, if foreigners stay in your country, you can...
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