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In Addressing intrastate travel through regional victoria, both direct and indirect competitors can be broken down into mode, and destination.

The consumers mode is primarily one of three main forms of transport; Train, Bus, and Car.

While intrastate travel is provided by several operators, V/Line dominates both the train and bus category, with V/Line currently the sole operator within rail. Many SME’s operate within the bus category, with routes, generally speaking specific to the locale of the the operator. The two most obvious competitors to V/Lines bus services, cover most of the state, are Dyson Bus Service, and GreyHound Australia (same routes), and Grenda Bus lines (Peninsula Services)

Finally the third mode of transport, cars, are not location specific, and offer the consumer greater freedom, as they are not bound by timetable or destination, however, this is offset by operation, vehicle maintenance, and rising fuel costs. In terms, of competition, car rental services, such as hertz, europcar, rentacar, provide vehicles generally, to visitors to the state. This market, although obviously part of V/Lines consumer market, will not be targeted within the campaign, and can be overlooked in this specific case.

However, the majority of both our primary and secondary market are car owners Persuading these users to forgo the car in order to use V/Lines services to reach their destinations will be specifically the aim of OUR campaign.

Destination is possibly the largest indirect competitor to V/Lines Services, without the need to travel to locations serviced by V/Line, attempts to persuade users to travel with v/line FALL SHORT.

Metropolitan Melbourne offers hundreds of attractions, covering many different NEEDS from the National Gallery of Victoria, to Melbourne Zoo, uncovering the needs of the consumer and providing the target market with a reason to leave the city and travel much further to regional Victoria, to visit...
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