How to Increase Job Performance

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  • Published : June 1, 2013
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How to Increase job performance
….the main thing that matters to you as an employer is probably the way people do their jobs, and the results that they achieve. You cannot afford to employ people just because they are nice guys; you need to turn them into nice productive guys (Hackett, 1979). The above assertion by Hackett, (1979) cited in Ejiogu (2001:91) clearly explains the need and rationale for training, capacity building, appraisal or evaluation and motivation of staff or employees by the employer for increased and productive job performance in an organization. In any formal organizational setting i.e. an organization that is established based on certain predetermined goals and objectives, an organization that is bureaucratic and possesses all other characteristics of a formal organization, employees are recruited and selected based on qualifications and personal quality and characteristics. Having been employed into the system, there is a need to provide them with relevant orientation/induction training to get them indoctrinated and acquainted with the job they are expected to perform in the organization. This type of training is imperative and it is based on a popular premise which has it that, “If you do not train them, do not blame them”. Upon the conduct of such training, it is still not out of place to see some of these employees performing below expectation in their workplace. In order to avert such an embarrassing circumstance, where the seemingly nice guys put up an abysmal and unproductive performance in work organizations, the employer can turn same guys into complete and productive guys through a number of ways which are discussed in this paper. Increasing Employees’ Productivity in the workplace

Declining employee productivity results from either lack of skills and job knowledge or low morale and overall employee dissatisfaction. Increasing productivity first requires that you determine the cause of declining productivity. Next, approach...
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