How to House-Train Your Dog or Puppy

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Leaning over
Hand over head
Standing up
Voice for commands
‘stuck’ in crate and can not cross line

How we will lessen stress of triggers

Hand targets
Crate game
Light line on Yatzee while loose in house
Collar grabs
Name recognition and recall work

Housetraining Information (this is generic and so it says ‘puppy’ but really when you have adult dogs you do the same thing to train. Just you can expect if the containment is adequate for longer periods of time in confinement!)


Basic Rules of Housetraining your Puppy (or adopted dog)

Prevent accidents in the house by using containment
Exercise Pen – long term (with housetraining pads) this will be the routine for when you leave. Set up the x-pen inside the house around the ‘doggie door’ put pads outside… water / bed inside…do not use when home. Close off doggie doors when home until you better know your dog’s potty routine!!! Crate – short term (to teach your pup to hold it) – use when you are at home and need some down time if possible – crate in same room as you so lucky doesn’t panic! Tie-down to wall (like crate – short term when you are home) Tether to you – (umbilical cord while you walk around)

Reward all pees / poops outside in same location outside
· Always on leash (perhaps out front will be better for these guys!)

· Say GOOOOOD puppy when they pee / poop

· Feed cookie in area they pee / poop (you get more bang for your buck – pup pees and you know that feels good and they get a cookie and they get to play afterwards!)

· Then and only then let them off leash or take them for nice walk

Keep records on your dog’s pee / poop routine
· Mark how many times / when your pup goes

· Note when accidents occur in house and implement better prevention

Keep accident-prone areas free of smell that trigger peeing
· Barricade off areas your dog goes to more than once to pee or poop to prevent habits from engraining!

· Use Petastic Enzyme

Never scold your pup for pee/poop after the fact
· Promote better prevention

· Interrupt without emotion if you ‘catch them’ – then take out immediately and praise for any pees / poops outside

· Pups can learn quickly to pee/poop out of sight because their owners get angry at them. Don’t create a sneaky dog!

Incrementally extend your dog’s length of time ‘holding it’ so they gain muscle control · Use the crate or tie down or tether to help extend holding it

· (Age & Success Dependant) – lengthen containment time for ½ - 1 hour increments

· If your dog ‘goes to the bathroom’ while using any of these systems – STOP- and refer to section on peeing / pooping in crate below*.

*If your pup is chronically peeing or pooping in the house (or in the crate) or leaking (spayed female dogs) please see a vet to confirm they do not have a urinary tract infection, any sort of ‘bug’ or need hormones. Sometimes ‘accidents’ in the house point to medical issues easily resolved by seeing your vet!

When to take your pup out?

first thing in the morning
after waking up from nap
after play
after eating
after separation distress in crate or x-pen
after ingesting lots of water

Included is a housetraining schedule should you want to keep notes. If you DO keep note of when (and where – ie. Accidents) your pup goes then you can speed up training and give more freedom (supervised) in the house during times he is less likely to go!

Going outside to potty (routine!)

Click leash on.
Run outside (or carry).
Go and stop in the same location each time and wait (this way your pup doesn't engage in other interesting activities); housetraining time is just housetraining time. Do not play, talk or move if this distracts them.

When your pup pees – say GOOD PUPPY and feed a treat right...
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