Cleaning Kennels

Topics: Cat, Waste, Litter box Pages: 3 (728 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Flowchart For A Process: Cleaning Kennels
Helen Laughland- Penland
February 4, 2013
John Quesnel

Daily Kennel Cleaning
Fostering rescue cats can be a challenge to say the least. Accepting more than one at a time is even more difficult to manage; however when the need is there, I do respond if possible. My three foster cats were rescued from a dumpster outside a hotel. Subsequent to capturing, getting them vaccines and spaying and neutering them they became a part of my daily life. Several factors come into play when caring for foster cats, particularly when they are unrelated. Fortunately, two of the three are siblings. The following is the daily morning routine of cleaning the kennels and litter boxes in flow-chart form accompanied by further explanation to include details. 1. Open kennels and release the foster cats. There are three kennels with two doors per kennel. 2. Remove the litter boxes one by one and place them in the center of the room on the floor. There is one litter box per kennel. 3. Remove the kennel rugs. There is one rug per kennel.

4. Slide out the kennel trays, one per kennel.
a. Tip the tray to remove scattered litter and wipe each tray into the trash can. 5. Replace the kennel trays.
6. Retrieve a small trash bag from a container and place on the floor by the boxes. 7. Scoop each litter box. This metric will be measured.
8. Dump the waste into the trash bag.
b. Tie and dispose of the bag into the trash can.
9. Add litter to each box as required.
10. Replace the rugs and litter boxes into the appropriate kennel. 11. Proceed with feeding.
Several factors affect the process design. The cats have been in the same area together for several weeks and are accustomed to each other with limitations. The first factor to consider is the attitude and size of each kitty. The oldest cat Chester, about a year and a half old, is also the largest is very rambunctious. The two siblings,...
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