How to Handle Peer Pressure

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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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How To Handle Peer Pressure
By: Kristina Failla
Submitted to: Dr. Jaballah M. Hasan
Specific Goal: I would like to inform the audience how to handle peer pressure

1.What is Peer Pressure?
A.Peer Pressure is when one person tries to talk another unwilling person into doing something.
B.Peer Pressure can happen anywhere and anytime between people of all ages, but mainly around students in school.
C.Many that pressure others are known to be the “popular kids” and others give into it to avoid looking “un-cool”. Thesis:
Each day, around the world, there is a kid getting pressured into doing something they don’t feel comfortable doing. Informing these kids how to handle the pressure can eventually make it stop and help them make the right decision they’re too scared to make.

1.Peer Pressure
A.Peer pressure occurs with kids all ages.
B.Most that are getting pressured don’t even realize it or know that it’s not okay.
C.The majority of kids that give into pressure do it because they are afraid of being made fun of.
D.Peer pressure causes many to begin drinking, smoking, or even drug habits.

1.Long-term affects of being pressured
A.Drugs and alcohol can cause addictions and they all have to start somewhere.
B.Both drugs and alcohol are so socially acceptable it’s hard to stay away from any of them which makes it more difficult to avoid trying them.
C.Alcohol can destroy your liver, kidneys and even cause alcohol poisoning and death.
D.Certain drugs can cause damage to you brain and depending on what it is it can destroy your nasal passages and even your lungs.

3. Why most kids are pressured into doing these things
A.Seeing that the majority of their peers have found themselves drinking or
smoking they are more prone to believe that it is okay for them to do it as well.
A.Some kids think that they will get teased or that they will feel left out if they do not...
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