Substance Related Disorders

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Sustance Related Disorders

Why do people take substances?

People abuse substances for many different reasons. Some people take substances because of

peer pressure and think that they might be immune, others do it because they are stressed and

need something to keep them away from their problems. Some people, specially teenagers take

them just for a thrill or curiosity. The truth is, for whatever the reason people start taking

substances, the outcome will be that the user will end up with a substance related disorder.

When people take drugs, it over stimulates the reward path of the brain causing them to become


Substance abuse vs. substance dependence

A substance related disorder is a condition, it can be subdivided into two groups: substance abuse

and substance dependence. Drug use becomes identified as substance abuse when the individual

continues the use of a substance in spite of school/work related, or interpersonal problems.

The individual who abuses a substance may experience legal problems and may have problems

fulfilling every day responsibilities such as getting to work, or even caring for a child because

they are to busy taking care of themselves meaning, fulfilling their cravings. Nothing else really

matters to them, its like they are in their own little world. On the other hand, we got what we

call "substance dependence", this is when the individual needs the substance in order to function

and go on with their every day life. This is characterized by continued use of substance, even

after the user has experienced serious substance related problems the dependent user still craves

the substance. Also the substance amount induced in the past has no longer an effect on the

user, therefore the amount of the substance used in the past has to increase in order to achieve

the effect that the past dosage once had on the user. This phenomenon is knows...
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