How to Fix a Bricked Iphone

Topics: IPhone, Mobile phone, Apple Inc. Pages: 3 (808 words) Published: February 21, 2013
With the recent release of the much-coveted iPhone 5, Apple has pronounced its dominance in the mobile phone manufacturing industry. The funny thing is, despite its continuous growth, the venerated phone still endures the defects it did way back in its first generation release in 2007. Throughout the years, various complains have been recorded, all of which characterize conditions of a bricked iPhone. What is this “bricked iPhone” or iPhone brick anyway?

If your iPhone displays nothing but loading spinning wheel, the startup Apple logo, is immobile in both both DFU or recovery modes, or simply won’t switch on, then most often than not, your iPhone is nursing a ultra annoying case of being a “bricked”. Any iPhone would be as good as a brick under these circumstances as the term suggests. With a bricked iPhone, you would be unable to make or receive calls and texts or use applications.

The good news is that there is no need to sulk or brood over the destruction of your dearest gadget. Relax. For those paranoid, gadget-protective or simply have a lot of time on their side, the most logical solution would be to drop their device off the closest Apple service center. Apple has always had an excellent track record for customer service. However, if you’re expecting an urgent call or are impatient enough to wait for a few days or weeks, don’t you worry for the solution is literally in your hands.

As I pointed out earlier, there are various symptoms indicating a bricked condition. Each variety comes with its own simple solution. Gone are the days when you would have to endure a crappy temporary replacement phone or would wait on what seems like forever to drain your battery, charge and realize that the defect still exists.

Before I head into details, it is important to know that in all bricked iPhone conditions or headaches, if I may call them, the reset combo will be your sidekick. The processes only differ after the reset is performed. To do a reset,...
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