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“I think I need a new phone.”

This was not the first time I had dropped my phone, but I had never dropped it in a toilet before. Needless to say, the Blackberry that I had been using for two years had met its timely end. I fished it out of the toilet, and as 1 attempted to resuscitate it, I realized that this was a perfect watery grave for a phone that didn’t thrill me.

“Happy Birthday, Ian !”

My girlfriend Molly and I were celebrating my 26th birthday at a local restaurant. At dinner, Molly presented me with a rectangular box wrapped up with a bow. Like a little child, I shook the box, and then 'immediately tore through the wrapper. To my surprise, I found it was the new Apple iPhone 4s. It was an unlocked Apple iPhone 4s (approximate value of $620). I was ecstatic and overwhelmed. After the incident in the bathroom, I assumed I was going to have to do without a phone for a while, but my girlfriend had given me a new one. Perhaps the toilet incident was a sign from above. Molly proceeded to tell me that she (had been planning this surprise for the past two weeks and that she thought this phone was perfect for my daily needs. I gave her a hug and said, “I love you!”

“But why did she get me this phone?”

For the past five years, I have used a Blackberry, so using an Apple iPhone would take some getting used to. As I continued to play with my new phone, I started having second thoughts about it. Truthfully, for the past several months, I had secretly been eyeing the new Samsung Galaxy s2, an Android-based smartphone, and I had decided that when my Blackberry contract ended, my next phone would be an Android-based phone. Despite my personal distaste for Apple products, I had to admit that the iPhone did have many benefits. First, the iPhone 4s had Face Time, which would allow me to video-chat with Molly, who also owns an iPhone. Second the iPhone was one of the best-reviewed phones on the market, and...
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