How to Find a Perfect Husband?

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  • Published : April 19, 2011
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How to find a Perfect Husband?

A perfect husband is what every woman desires. But a good man is hard to find these days. Most men just want a one night stand. So, how do you find a good man? That question is a great puzzle when you've been jilted once. Well, the truth is . . . most men are afraid of commitment. Today, we live in a fast paced world. Many men want it and they want it now. What do they want? They want only the excitement of being with you and sharing your bed. Is it all about him or about you and him? Is it an exchange you are conducting? Your beauty for his money? Goodness, there is more to life than that. If you want something special, you've got to work for it or with it. You are too expensive to be in a barter that has nothing to do with your eventual happiness. Just know the man. Men are different from each other. You have to know who you are dealing with. The best places to look are who his God is, who his friends are and what his life evolves around. If you know the man and know what you want, it is easy to make a decision. Beware of the man who gives you reasons to be suspicious. The odds are he is suspicious. Love is based on many factors. Looks, height and economic status are relevant to you. However, you must make you decisions with the long term in mind. I recommend this to female friends: when you see passion, potential, perseverance, prudence and productivity in a man, you are not too far from a keeper. Just be decisive. Women lose men who love them because of their indecisiveness. It is important to take you time. For the good is the enemy of the better and the better is the enemy of the best. He should be the best choice, not just a good one.
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