A Good Husband

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  • Published : September 25, 2012
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A Good Husband
There is a theory that every woman believes: a good husband does not exist. Love isn't finding someone perfect; it is loving someone imperfect, perfectly. A good husband is someone that has the eight qualities of a man. They show love and affection, respect vows, protect the family, adapt to change, provide structure and create great bond for the family, also are genuine and loyal, and demonstrate sensitivity. A good husband is a man who can see the pain behind a fake smile, and fix it. Listen to what your wife has to say. Sometimes she needs to talk to someone and that doesn’t necessarily mean she needs you to fix it. This has always been a difficult thing for me to do. Sometimes instead of having a problem fixed, women just want someone to listen to them so they can talk it out and work it out in their own minds and hearts. She might ask for suggestions or thoughts, but sometimes what she really wants is just a sounding board Every marriage should be built on the premise of making it about your spouse first. There are times, however, when an individual’s needs must be met before they can be capable of helping others. If you are really upset about something, don’t just bury it under manly silence. Tell her about it and ask for her help. Most wives will be more than glad to listen and care about you. You are not less of a man if you need help with a problem every once in a while, or if you just need to blow off a little steam. Indeed, I would say that most wives appreciate it a great deal when their husbands really open up to them about what’s troubling them. Women are attracted to men who are able providers, protectors, and nurturers. They want a man who can and will be an able partner in life. It is fulfilling for a man to work hard and succeed at whatever he does. if the job requires more time than originally estimated, if it’s more strenuous than originally thought, a Good Husband will gird up his loins and redouble his efforts. Of course,...
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