How to End a Relationship

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How to End A Relationship

Breaking up with someone is never easy…., I know from personal experience. I recently broke up with my boyfriend of four and half years. We really just couldn’t be happy with one another fighting all the time. I really had to sit down and make the dissension it was really hard having to explaining to him that we could never be together and that it would take a while before we will be able to be friends once again. But, did you know that is a lot harder to break up with a guy than a girl. Although it has always been said that women are the sensitive ones. Some reasons are men have stronger emotions are unpredictable. Some men get angry and others beg pleading you to take them back they always you that phrase “ I can change just give me another chance”. there are three simple steps to ending a relationship, such as thinking thoroughly, consulting a friend, and the break up itself, doing what you need to do to end it for good.

Step one, you need to think truly hard about how you feel about that person. You need to search yourself and ask, am I truly happy with this person, do they make me feel special. Then you need to decide on the key reason(s) why you are even doing this. Its very important to make sure your head is clear before going into anything you yourself is uncertain of. Another thing is you should never breakup with a person out pure spite or being angry, might make a mistake and regret that dissension in the morning.

Step two consulting a friend otherwise known as a break up buddy. Its almost necessary to have a break up buddy, because you must be strong not to go back to your ex. If you don’t have a break up buddy or lots of friends ( things to do) then more than likely to go back to your ex for whatever reasons boredom, sex, lonely, but it is crucial to stay strong and to hold your ground.

Step three the break up……It is so crucial to keep it simple especially for guys its just easier that way for them. You must...
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