How to Cope with Stress

Topics: Lunch, Future, Dinner Pages: 2 (770 words) Published: May 13, 2013
The profession of Education Assistant is a wonderful one which can be very rewarding as we contribute to improve the quality of life of some of the most needful of the society. On the other hand, it can be very stressful when we have to deal with challenging behaviours. Four years ago, one of the EA in the school where I am posted was so burnout because her student was very aggressive that she had to take stress leave. I must have an action plan to prevent this to happen to me in the future. In my plan, the top of the list is spending quality time with my family. Amongst others activities which I can do with them one of my favourite one is going to the swimming pool. I may also do simple things like shopping, reading, watching my favorite TV shows. I also have to eat healthy food most of the time and have my favorite unhealthy dishes, once a while, just to keep me satisfy. The most important relaxing activity for me is exercising. Working out will not only help me reduce my stress level but is also beneficial for my health. My sponsor’s EA always goes out for a walk at lunch time together with others colleagues in order, she told me, to relieve her stress. This is an interesting calming activity that I might consider doing as an EA. A few months ago my sponsor’s EA has encountered a particularly stressful situation involving the student she is supporting. A substitute EA had to cover her during her student’s lunchtime. This particular student suffers from a disease which requires a strict diet, free of protein. Usually his mom leaves his lunch bag on a table near the office, together with those of other students, with his name labelled on it, as it is required for every student’s lunch bag. Sometimes, her mom put it in his backpack, like this particular day. Before leaving her student, the EA told the sub that his lunch is in his back pack. The latter didn’t hear her, so she went with the student to the office and took a lunch bag with his first name labelled on...
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