How to Become a Chinese Lawyer

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  • Published : April 20, 2011
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How to succeed at becoming a Chinese lawyer

Almost everyone has seen such a scene in movies or TV shows that a criminal lawyer has a tongue in his head in court, and most of the people adore the lawyers and wish to be one of them. In fact, I am a Chinese lawyer, and it takes me approximately six years to be so. In general, there are three steps for us to follow to become a Chinese lawyer. I would like to share my experience in becoming a Chinese lawyer with you, the readers who are interested. Because nothing is impossible for life, it is really possibly for an individual to make a Chinese lawyer.

Above all, being enrolled in a law school of an university, especially a famous law school, is extremely significant for an individual to become a lawyer. Actually, the four-year university studing experience is a solid foundation for one's future career. Studing different areas of legal courses and handling a variety of knowledge of different department laws will be pretty helpful to passing the judicial examination and acquiring the bar eventually. To be specific, we are supposed to remember essential legal provisions expertly, comprehend ultimate legal principles, participate in moot court regularly, and apply articles of law to cope with practical cases. In addition, getting involved in internships in courts and law offices during the university period can enhance our practical experience.

After acquiring the law degree, we have to face the national judicial examination in which lies fierce competition, and the pass rate is between 10% and 20%. In fact, the total mark is 600, while the pass mark is 360. To be frank, the test requires a three-month review and the review time per day should be no less than eight hours. Moreover, the priority of reviewing ought to be given to the most important department laws, namely Constitution, civil law, criminal law, civil procedure law, criminal procedure law, commercial law, economic law, international law and so on....
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