How Theft Affects Society

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Ok so you are in a store and you see this cute wallet, your like wow this is nice. Then you notice the price is affordable, but the manager went out back to get some thing. You look around and see that there are no cameras, no sensor devices and no one looking at you. This is your chance. I mean it’s right there why not just pick it up slip it in your pocket and walk out of the store like nothing has ever happened. No one will notice you took it, its just one wallet and the store has dozens of them they won’t even notice. So what choice do you make?

You would probably take it if you didn’t know the contrary. That even though its easy and no one will see you, you will feel the consequences of it. Maybe not directly, but you will see them affect you. How you wonder, well I’ll tell you. If you take that wallet you need to realize the manager paid for it and in that he will be loosing money. So because the manager lost money he has to earn it back some how. He does this in the only way he can, by raising prices on other goods in the store. This is bad for everyone else because they basically have to pay for what you owe the store. There paying it off for you, sounds nice doesn’t it, but what if you had to pay a $275 fine for a complete stranger, that would probably make you feel angry that your hard earned money, yes what you worked for. Was going to repay some body else’s dept. That’s unfair in my opinion. Worse is what if you were the manager of that store. Than what was stolen would have been taken from you. That would not be pleasant; you would have been robbed of your hard earned money. As you can see you would not like to be put in such a position. So why put other in it?

Worse of all is that lets say next time you go with your older sibling and they want to buy an item there. Last time you were there you say it for twenty-five dollars but this time you notice it has gone up in price significantly, but you had already told them it was twenty-five dollars....
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