How the Giraffe Got Its Long Neck

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  • Published : April 23, 2011
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How the giraffe got it’s long neck

Once upon a time, there lived a giraffe called Mirabelle. Mirabelle was the only giraffe in the world, and what was very strange about her was that she had a really short neck. Her neck was so short that Tony (The elephant ) had to bring down her food from the tree with his trunk . One day it was Mirabelle’s birthday and all the other animals wanted to surprise her by giving her a taste of the bee’s honey for the first time. She was really over the moon when she received her surprise, that she went back for more when the other animals were not looking.

She silently tiptoed to the bee’s hut which was the only place she could reach on the tree. She decided to stick her head in there and get some honey, without the other animals realising. When she had finished eating the honey she tried to come out, but it was no use as her head was completely stuck.

This was becoming the worst birthday ever , all of a sudden George ( the parrot ) appeared looking for the birthday girl. As soon as he spotted her he went to get some help. The rest of the animals came to help and pull her out, but unfortunately they made matters worse. Instead of helping her out they made her neck stretch and stretch. she couldn’t get out and was there for days and days . Until one day her neck finally came out slowly. Everyone was amazed at how tall she was, now Tony got Mirabelle to get his food.

That’s how the generation continued and that’s why giraffe have long necks.

By Amina
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