Domesticity of Giraffes and Fox in a Tree Stump

Topics: Metaphor, Simile, Life Pages: 4 (1411 words) Published: July 21, 2011

Good morning/Afternoon class, in my speech I will be discussing my understanding of the poems Domesticity of Giraffes and Fox in A Tree Stump by Judith Beveridge. Moral values and meanings are portrayed through these two poems by expressing and clarifying the value of life and exploring humanity's relationship with animals. The two poems clarify the value of life through both active and passive roles. In "Fox in a tree stump" an active role is portrayed which gives the reader a strong affect on how much the victim who has their life threatened, values life. The passive role, as in "Domesticity of giraffes", gives the reader a strong affect of the value of life on the observer's perspective in watching the actions of the victim. “The Domesticity of giraffes” is about freedom. The Phrase, The domesticity of giraffes is a metaphor for life without life, the enclosure where the giraffe lives is a metaphor for "no life" as her life is very lonely and restricted. On the other hand, her natural habitat is a metaphor for "life", as is identified in "she could be a big slim bird just before flight", essentially meaning freedom. The poem also portrays the agony and grief of the giraffe confined in captivity suffers, the poet dramatises the loneliness the giraffe experiences by using metaphors such as "She languorously swings her tongue," this metaphor implies the giraffe is tired and weary and has become lazy, complacent and bored due to her forced isolation within captivity. She is powerless, stuck in a situation she has no control and no power; stuck in a place where she truly doesn’t belong. It also allows the responder to feel for the sick giraffe and empathise it in its yearning for life. Similes are also used to provide the reader with imagery, such as "like a black leather strap as she chews," this symbolically compares the tongue to a leather belt, often used in torture or punishment it could also...
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