How Sport Is a Producer and Product of My Society?

Topics: 2008 Summer Olympics, Working class, Social class Pages: 12 (4914 words) Published: December 9, 2009
How Sport is a Producer and Product of My Society?
Throughout the past severalweeks, many ideas have been presented about how sport is producer and product of society. I agree with all the ideas presented in thisclass. I believe the sport is the producer and product of society because of how sport can be influence on everything that surrounds it. Every aspect of our society is affected by sport. Our race affects the amount of sport that we are exposed to. Our social class limits our availability to play certain kinds of sports we may want to play. Corporate America affects the way that we may respond to sport and affect our personal purchase decision. Even our gender can affect the way that we see sport and how others may see us in sports. We may not see it but our position in society affects everything around us even sport and how available sports are to us. My race has played a huge part in my sporting life. Not directly because I have never played any sports besides field hockey in middle school, but indirectly because of the availability of all different types of sport to me. I attended a city wide college preparatory school that is predominantly black. The school contained avariety of different sports such as football, baseball, lacrosse, tennis, swimming, badminton, volleyball, basketball, and wrestling. One thing that I always noticed was which student played which sport. My entire football team was black. A dominant portion of the swimming team was white. Our swimming team was a much better team than our football team but never was glorified like our football team. Since our school was predominately black, it always seemed like the administration always glorified the football team more than the swimming team because the football was keeping the black males out of trouble. For example, swim meets was always announced first during the morning announcements and the football games was alwaysannounced last with enthusiasm. According to Mike Giardina, “Not only that but, nationwide, issues of “race” continue to dominate the educational system in ways that cannon be so easily glossed over on encapsulated by trite oversimplifications about colorblindness, desegregation, and racial affiliation” (Giardina 2006). Race issues in the educational system are specifically shown in sports because of the segregation inside of each sport and how each sport is not multicultural. Robert M. Sellers wrote in his essay, “African-American Student-Athletes: Opportunity or Exploitation” “sports provide educational and career opportunities to African American athletes from underprivileged backgrounds that are often beyond the reach of some of their academically gifted, but less athletically endowed AfricanAmerican” (Sellers 134). Then Sellers goes on to give examples of student-athletes that were unsuccessful academically and student-athletes that used their opportunity to go to college to be a diligent student in contrary of their high school academic career. Do NCAA Division I schools use the black athlete to reap the benefits of the athlete’s talent, but refuse to help the athlete to keep up with their classes and their grades. I am afraid so. This in return leads the black athlete to depend on their sport only. Some African Americans have to use sports to get into the higher class of society. But what if they were not successful in school and do not get drafted by a professional team? The athlete does not have anything to fall back on. This in turn shows how an athlete’s social class affects their availability to sports Your classified social class limits your availability to a wide range of sports. When the individual is a part of the upper class, the individual has virtually unlimited access to sports. This means that the individual can participate and/or attend any sports game no matter how much the ticket cost or how much the equipment cost. Sports such as water polo, swimming, and ballet dancing are easily attainable for the...
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