How Philosophy Affects Your Every Day Life

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  • Published : June 21, 2011
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The majority of your philosophy was learned by the time you were seven years old. As you passed through your teenage years and young adulthood in your twenties, you had another period of influence. After this, most people are set in their ways until they are middle aged, around 40 or 50. As they mature, they reconsider past beliefs and make changes for the future if necessary.

This philosophy controls everything you do in your life. It is your destiny and determines how everything will turn out in the end.

Where does philosophy originate?

Culture Influences Philosophy

The nationality of the country you were raised in affects your philosophy. People have different styles of life depending on whether they are American, Indian, Iranian, Japanese, Mexican or any other nationality.

People have different beliefs according to how they were taught. What is natural and good for one culture, offends other cultures and is considered odd.

Think about what opinions are inherited from your upbringing in your culture.

The Culture of Family Life

As you are grew up, your parents, and other relatives influenced the way you think. If you oppose your family's philosophy now, your relatives may judge you and think something is wrong with you.

The culture of your family usually reflects the majority of your country, however if your family migrated from another country they might hold onto some of their original country's beliefs and have a different philosophy from the country they currently reside in.

The contrast between the two cultures can lead to conflict and mental stress, when you try to compromise and work out problems.

Think about the situations with your family and how it influences your philosophy.

Your Schooling

The purpose of the school system to educate and make good citizens. When you attend school you will be taught to follow the rules of the school system. These rules are the school system's philosophy.

When you take a history...
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