How People Grow Reflection Paper by Cloud and Townsend

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  • Published : March 31, 2013
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Counseling Department
Denver Seminary

Monte Hasz Psy. D.
Elisabeth A. Nesbit, Ph.D.
CO 631 01 Career Development and Assessment
October 8, 2012

Reading How People Grow (Cloud and Townsend, 2001) has been an interesting experience because the author of this paper’s knowledge about counseling has been transformed in different ways. This reading has forced me to evaluate my own approach to counseling and my spiritual life has been impacted through the reflection about grace and law as well. I appreciate that this book has already been translated to Spanish language, which has given me the opportunity to read faster and better understanding of some ideas because Spanish is my first language. I have already included this book as a required reading to the course of Pastoral Care, which is taught at Denver Seminary’s Hispanic Initiatives because in my personal opinion this book is useful for all people in Christian ministry who wants to know how people grow. Thus, through this paper I will explain my understanding on how people grow according to Cloud and Townsend. In addition, I will critique the book comparing it with two of the systems of integration presented in class by Drs. Nesbit and Hasz. To accomplishing it this paper has been divided in three areas. The first explains my personal understanding about what Cloud and Townsend (2001) say about how people grow. The second area compares this book with two systems of integration, which are Biblical counseling and the Integration approach. Finally, the rest of the paper focuses on reflection and application as a resource for clients. First, I think Cloud and Townsend (2001) use the...
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