Art Commission Statement 2

Topics: Religion, Christianity, Islam Pages: 4 (1380 words) Published: June 5, 2011

Art Commission Statement
Team B
May 31, 2011
Tony Kashani
University of Phoenix

Art Commission Statement
Team B has been commissioned to design and develop a piece of art that will represent developments in world events and cultural patterns, past and present, in Judaism and Christianity. The sculpture will be placed at the Christian and Jewish Interfaith Cultural and Historical Center. The piece Team B has chosen is a statue of an angel holing the Star of David and a Holy Cross. This sculpture will appropriately represent both faiths. Team B also discusses why the group believes the piece will reflect Jewish and Christian concepts of humanity's relationship to the world and deity, and how the piece will enhance intellectual and physical environments, as well as how it represents the Cultural and Historical Center. The Statue Transcends Cultural Differences

After the recent events around the world, such as the numerous terrorist attacks and threatening natural disasters, individuals are left to cling to their religious beliefs for comfort and encouragement to press on. Some of these events have encouraged division between cultures, since many of the terrorist attacks are done in the name of their god. After the 2001 attack on the twin towers in New York, and the Pentagon, many people were leery of individuals who valued their Muslim beliefs. In fact, many Muslim worshippers were criticized and accused of having terrorist ties, when, in fact, the people who were actually responsible for the attack were extremists and radicals who took their religious beliefs and mixed them with their own demented thoughts. The truth of the matter is the act carried out that day does not effectively represent the beliefs of the common Muslim person. The rebuilding efforts are in full force today, with many people who have moved on and welcomed the start of their new life. It seems fitting that, in light of our...
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