How Old Viewpoints of Tattoos Affect Our Society

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Joshua Dorsey
Lance Sacknoff
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April 10, 2013
How Old Viewpoints of Tattoos Affect Our Society
People are entitled to have their own opinion about tattoos but it does not give anyone the right to discriminate against those that have them. Tattoos have a very distinctive meaning to each individual person. The definition given in the dictionary of a tattoo is “an indelible mark or figure fixed upon the body by insertion of pigment under the skin or by production of scars.”(1) The definition given in the dictionary is more of a literal meaning but it does not give off a negative association with them. Many people would correlate that a person with a tattoo is either in a gang or a convicted felon. You will not find out the meaning of a person’s tattoo just by looking at it, you have to interact with that person and have them explain it. Over the years, the viewpoints of people with tattoos continued to change. A lot of ideas arouse whether or not tattoos should be able to visible in the work place. As stated before, tattoos hold a different value or meaning to every single person. You cannot single out a person and judge them just because they decided to be expressive and show a different side of their selves by using art. To get an impression of how people are judged by their body modifications, the perspectives of employers and employees will be analyzed. Another talking point that will be covered in this documented essay involves creating laws that protects a person for the unlawful bereavement of their job based on their body modifications. The final point that will be addressed is how tattoos are becoming vastly popular in today’s society and what does that mean for future generations to come. With laws constantly changing, shouldn’t there be a law to protect people that are trying to get a job but cannot because of an employer’s disposition on tattoos?

Even in today’s society where it is becoming a custom for people to get tattoos, it is still not an acceptable trait in the work environment. Employers are still looking for people that can present a positive image for their company. Although tattoos are a part of building a person’s identity, companies believe that tattoos could bring a bad reputation, which in turn could cause them to go out of business. Employers do not give people with body modifications the same opportunity as they would other men or women that are bare as a new born baby. Overall, most employers do not consider most people with tattoos because in the past they have been vastly popular with people that have committed crimes. “In sum, tattoos are not well received by corporate America and could hamper your success if you choose a career in a corporate position.”(2) In certain jobs, you have to be more conservative than anything. Most people that work in cooperate positions are people from older generations that opinions of people that have tattoos are that they are trouble makers and ex-convicts. With this being said, there is no law that says a person cannot have a tattoo but you would have a harder time trying to apply for a job if the employer knows or see one of your tattoos. You would not be able to know if a person approves of tattoos just by looking at them. Some people try to remain quiet so that they do not offend anyone but there are a few that will have a certain facial expression when they get the first glance of your tattoo. People that do not like tattoos belittle others that do, not realizing that the person might be as well qualified or even have a higher qualification than you. You can’t find out a person’s qualifications because you did not give the person the time of day, all you seen was ink on that person skin and negatively associated them with criminal. Matt Muscara is a Virginia Beach native that participated in getting his body modified. Muscara has a variety of tattoos including three X’s on his neck, clean trash can, cigerrette butt with a slash...
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