How Mitzvot Affects the Lives of Jews

Topics: Judaism, Halakha, Torah Pages: 4 (1681 words) Published: January 26, 2011
How does the mitzvot affect the life of a Jew?
The word ‘mitzvah’ means the divine commandment or rule from god, the purpose of these rules are to make life easier for people to live, make them purer and closer to god. These rules were made to insure people could become a better person and to make the world a better place to live in. The mitzvot are rules that God want us to do, all mitzvot are written down with in the torah, altogether they total to 613! There are many mitzvot some about: food, holidays, prayers, kindness, cleanliness, how to treat others and many more. According to the Orthodox Jews the Taryag mitzvot come from God and are therefore always relevant, they tend to use the mitzvot to deal with the problems of modern everyday life. Where as Reform believe God gave the mitzvot to ancient Jews and were extremely relevant and useful at the time, but God did not mean the mitzvot apply forever, therefore if Reform Jews believe that a certain mitzvah has no relevancy they have no need to follow it. Following the Taryag Mitzvot has a big impact on a Jews life: the way they eat, dress and their way of life. The mitzvot allows a Jew to lead a sensible and practical life, many of the mitzvot are reasonable so there are good reasons for using them. For example some Jews follow the mitzvah of ‘Shabbat’ (this is the day of rest) This allows Jews to relax, rest and regain energy in order to not fall ill and maintain a healthy balanced life, this is considered as a reasonable mitzvah as it has good and beneficial reasons for following this certain mitzvah. Another mitzvah is ‘to honour the old and the wise’ this is basically means to respect your elders, this is a very sensible and respectful rule, as it is polite and it really does make you a better person as it shows your respect to those who are elder to you. These sorts of reasonable Mitzvah’s allow Jews to build a sensible life, to grow and develop into a better person, and help them make sensible and...
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