How Is Masculinity Portrayed in Looking for Alibrandi

Topics: Male, Social status, Gender Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: July 8, 2012
How is Masculinity Portrayed in Looking for Alibrandi?
The movie Looking for Alibrandi has many aspects of masculinity even though it centres around a female character’s life’s changes through time and experience and the affects and influences of people; especially male around her. The term masculinity as defined by an Oxford dictionary means ‘having the properties characteristic of the male sex’. Several aspects of masculinity can be found through thorough analysis of Josephine’s relationships with others, most distinguished being Jacob Coote, John Barton and Michael Andretti. During the time period at which Josephine starts year twelve and ends it, she falls in love twice with two boys; Jacob Coote and John Barton. Both young men represent two different opposing types of personality, social status and primarily; masculinity. John Barton is shown to be gentle and popular and his strong English accent indicates high status. He is serious about his work, is the captain of the school and someone that appears to be very attractive to many females. During a scene in the film when he walks into the girl’s school, god like music is played and the facial expressions of the girls are shown to be in bliss. Although John displays many masculine factors he still lacks some as in the countless conversations he has with Josie, he continues to mention how he does not have a clear path indicating what to do with his life evidencing his lack of independence and strength. “You get into punch-ups with other girls, you wipe your nose with your sleeve... you're my kind of chick.” Jacob Coote on the other hand is more of the care free, slightly rough and belonging to the ‘lower classes’ in society. His figure is very muscular and sport like and his personality reflects his behaviour and outer shell as he appears to be very casual in the way he dresses and talks. The way Jacob perceives the world is different to the way John sees it as Jacob is an atheist and John is a Christian....
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