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Topics: Vice President of the United States, Family, Mother Pages: 3 (805 words) Published: April 22, 2008
She was the vice school captain of St Martha's, has the support of friends such as Sera, Anna and Lee and her close relatives, her mother and grandmother, and most of all her boyfriends Jacob Coote and John Barton.

Italian Australian Josephine Alibrandi, 17, says life has become “crazy” at this year because of the events at school especially the HSC coming up. She has been learning to resist and overcome the selfish social and racist people calling her an ethnic and wog and is dealing with controversial relationships with her mum, grandmother and her boyfriends. “It’s so nice that everyone cares and has sympathy for me even the people I hate. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t enjoy life at all,” says Josephine, the vice captain of St. Martha’s”

“I still hate her because she thinks she’s smart and better than everyone. She doesn’t care about anyone but herself,” Says Ivy Lloyd. She was Josie’s arch rival for all those competitions and tests in school. “I remember when she is obsessed with school-work and whenever we get assignments and tests, she tried to look how well I went,” says Josephine. They admitted they always had problems lying between them.

“Oh Josie is a wonderful and social friend to talk and fun to play with. She talks open-mindedly and truthfully, listens to what other people says and replies back with respect” says Sera, one of Josie’s best friends. Sera is the only person from school that has the same nationality as Josie. “Because we have the same ancestry we have a thin bond, we always have most of situations and attitudes in common like when we greet each other how we talk to each other and hate each other”, she laughs.

“I love Josie I like the way she speaks and expresses her opinion truthfully. Even though she says rude comments to me, I still love and respect her. She’s the most reliable person I can trust on in the whole world,” says Josie’s mother, Christina. “She always supports me when I am all alone without my husband,...
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