How Has Mcewan Constructed the Narrative in Enduring Love?

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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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How has McEwan constructed the narrative in Enduring love?
McEwan has constructed the narrative within Enduring love by using a wide range of techniques. For the reader to be able to understand the story line, and to be able to come the correct conclusion that McEwan has aimed for them to come to Throughout the novel McEwan has included a lot of information about scenes and places. In the very first chapter McEwan has included a lot of detail about where they are, and the items they have around them. For example “sunlight under a turkey oak... strong gusty wind.” And “a 1987 Daumas Gassac” By McEwan including so much detail into the description of the area and items around Joe, it allows the reader to perceive the idea of Joe as a reliable narrator. This builds the blocks for later when Joe’s mental state comes in to play, and we really start to questions how reliable he is. Furthermore McEwan manipulates the aspect of time within the novel and fast forwards events that are not so important to the reader, and yet slows down the more important events, where it is important that the reader knows and understand every detail. Another technique McEwan uses is voices within the story; throughout the whole novel we are seeing it all through the eyes of Joe. It allows the readers to build a connection, and to be able to form trust so that when Clarissa starts to question Joe about his relationship with Jed, the readers can almost side with Joe, and believe that what he is saying is true. It is only twice within the whole novel where we hear or see another person’s view, without going through Joe. This is shown to us through the ideal of a epistolary novel, through the form of letters, to Joe from Jed. Furthermore point of view is another narrative technique used by McEwan. Although throughout the novel it is all in Joe hindsight perspective, there are points when we see Joe explaining Clarissa view. By McEwan using this 3rd person detachment we are able to understand...
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