How Government Ruined Public Education

Topics: High school, Teacher, Public school Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Who can remembers in the 2010 a movie called “Waiting for the superman”? Is this movie attacked the U.S. public education. And then people just thinking about our PE, What happened to U.S. education? As the movie shows us: Low quality of educated? Irresponsible teachers? How public school destroyed the gifted students etc. How government ruined the public education? What should we do? Is government’s responsibility? Why the public school is getting worse? 1. The main responsibility should be on the Government. When the government is only concerned with their own regime rather than to truly care about our education. So you can understand why they did the things like that: Resource:

Los Angeles Public School Named After Robert Kennedy Costs $578 Million The most expensive public high school in the nation's history will open its doors to students next month in Los Angeles, but critics say the $578 million school is already teaching a lesson on wasteful spending. The facility boasts a state-of-the-art swimming pool, fine art murals, an ornate auditorium suitable for hosting the Oscars, and a faculty dining room that the superintendent says is "better than most restaurants." Government abused the taxpayers' money: repairing the luxury schools and do not consider the cost for education. They just want to compare with Privacy school. Even we all know now America is in a fiscal crisis. Because of financial constraints, the Government of the U.S. states closed a lot public school around U.S. But why the government still used so much money to build a luxury community college? And the tricky thing is the money troubles come on top of the district's serious academic shortfalls. With a dropout rate upwards of 35 percent, LA Unified is one of the lowest-performing school districts in America.

2. Worse, a society that ejects reasoning on the most compelling questions of human life from the formation of its youth gradually diminishes personal integrity, initiative,...
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