What to Do with One Million Dollars- Charity

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  • Published: April 30, 2012
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Final- What I Would Do With a Million Dollars
One million dollars has a lot of potential and would change one person's or multiple peoples' lives in a diverse amount of ways. Many people that do have that much money abuse it. I believe they spend their millions in wrong and irresponsible ways; many celebrities spend their riches on material items for themselves to make their own public image as a wealthy person by buying houses, cars, and designer items that the normal working class citizen could not afford. If I were somehow able to miraculously get ahold of a million dollars, I would try to make the world a better place with it.

Children are the seeds of the future. With all of the education budget cuts, foster homes, orphanages, poverty, and other issues that children are helpless to, they tend to get the "short end of the stick" in their lives which, in turn, could, and probably will, hurt their future and as a result, society's future in a major way. With a million dollars, I would either donate to schools that are in low-budget neighborhoods or non-profit organizations such as Saint Jude's Ranch that try and better children's lives and futures.

Even 500,000 dollars could go a long way for a school especially when they are facing poverty problems. Nowadays, schools can barely even afford to provide teachers with supplies to educate their students; most teachers have to provide their own white board markers, crayons, colored pencils, paper, etc. Not only are the children suffering these budget cuts at an elementary level, but its also occurring at a university level where people are trying to become something and have a career. All people are suffering from these selfish cuts the government has bestowed on us; education is the beginning of a well-functioning society and all the education funds are being taken away to provide more for people who don't want to work and are thriving off of welfare or the governments war funds. With $100,000,000, a school could provide students with the necessary tools and supplies to educate children such as computers or calculators, or other things that they weren't able to afford before. Society's youth is crucial as to how it will function later on. Even if it only helps out 100 kids, the future will just be that much brighter for us all.

Some children are born into incredible families that love them unconditionally and have parents that would give the world for them; that's how it should be and it's sad that not all children are able to have the opportunity to have a loving family like that. For the ones that were born into a troublesome life such as having parents that are drug-addicts, abusers, criminals, cheaters, teenagers, etc., and can not support their children--for God only knows why--since children are supposed to be number one in every parents eyes no matter their circumstance--there are places for these kids to go where they are able to have a better opportunity out of life rather than just having their parents throw their lives away from their own mistakes. Personally, I have donated to Saint Jude's Orphanage Ranch in Boulder City; my government class raised 5,000 dollars during my senior year and at the end of the year we went to The Ranch and gave them the money, which they were highly thankful for. Everybody in my class had the chance to see what these kids actually undergo. It's truly heartbreaking to know what these young people all under the age of 18 are basically going through an endless cycle of depression and hurt. The ranch is a non-profit organization that is completely devoted to these kids that are in emotional and sometimes physical need. The Ranch personnel really put their heart and soul into these children who have nobody there for them. For example, they have a building for girls who have been abandoned by their parents due to their pregnancy or haven't had their parents throughout their lives which caused them to fall into the life that they...
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