How Does the Way in Which We Express Ourselves Influence Our Understanding of Others?

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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How does the way in which we express ourselves influence our understanding of others?

0) Introduction
1) Expressing
2) Understanding
3) Influence
4) Ways in which we express ourselves
5) Helps or limits?
6) Conclusion

Sometimes when I'm feeling down, I retreat to my room and draw, which expresses the emotions which I feel at that moment.The pictures I draw express and help understand myself better. As I understand the question, the way I express myself influences on my understanding of others. What is expression for me then? It is the freedom to be your own person. No inhibitions, no limits, just yourself.I am going to find out to what extend does my own interpretation of me influences on my internal representation of other people. The question is really important as all of us find it difficult to cognize ourselves and of course much more difficult to interpret our own expression to the way we perceive others. However, the question has got some limits such as are individuality of each person, hence each person’s expression influences understanding of others differently and I can’t exactly know how deeply does it influence. So, I have chosen the main fields to discuss: expressing oneself, understanding of others, influence and the ways we can express ourselves in. This question implies that the way in which we express ourselves does influence our understanding of others. But how do we express ourselves? What are the obstacles in gaining knowledge about ourselves and others? Are we always judging others based on how we see ourselves? Does this mean that if we can see ourselves more clearly, then we can see others more clearly?

The expression of us can be usually subconsciously found in our feelings. Feelings are expression of our emotional state. Hence, we express ourselves through our inside emotional state. What does our emotional state depends on? As I see it, it depends on connection between outside world and us. There are a lot of areas of...