How Does the Childhood Obesity Rates Compare in Wales and Usa

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How Does The Childhood Obesity Rates Compare in Wales and USA


I have chosen the issue of childhood obesity in Wales and America. I have chosen this issue as obesity is a main problem in today’s society, and I want to see how Wales compares to what is known as the ‘Fattest’ country, America. Also I hope to find out the main reasons behind the high or low rates in obesity. This topic interests me as it has a big impact on today’s youth, and I as a rugby player would prefer to see more people out exercising than sitting in the house eating.


For my investigation I have found both secondary and primary information. My secondary information is from various sources off the internet. This will help me find out the information I need such as rates of obesity in Wales and USA, and also give me a better understanding of the issue. I will use facts and figures from my research to give a clear outlook of childhood obesity. For my primary information I produced a questionnaire to hand out to a range of people. Twenty five of these questionnaires will be given out to children aged eleven to sixteen, and the other twenty five will be handed to adults. This will give me a two different view points which could contrast or be very similar. From this I should be able to see what the main cause of childhood obesity is, and shall show my findings in graph form to show clearly my results. I will show a clear understanding of the issue chosen by looking at both view points (adult and children), this will give me a balanced view and not a bias one. I shall also then produce an overall conclusion about my investigation and evaluate the quality of my findings too.


Childhood obesity has nowadays become a serious health matter world wide. “Obesity is an abnormal accumulation of body fat, usually 20% or more over an individual's ideal body weight. Obesity is associated with increased risk of illness, disability, and death.” [] Even though obesity does not affect every child, it is becoming more increasing. Also with obesity comes health problems, maybe not straight away but in the future, these problems could be such things as diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol and heart attacks which could lead to an early death. In today’s world many people had a part to play in the rising obesity figures. Today's reliance on cheap convenience and fast foods make it easy to consume large amounts of calories and they are well advertised to children. Only a very few children are overweight due to medical problems. Parents may be feeding their child too much at a young age, therefore making them obese before they have a choice of what to eat and what not to eat, from this when the grow up a bit they may feel depressed and look to food for comfort, only making the problem worse. Another reason is that in schools the amount of physical activity has dropped, with more children getting lifts to school too, and children now prefer to sit on the computer or watch the T.V. than going out and playing.

Secondary Research

For my secondary research I planed to find rates of obesity for both Wales and America, and see how much/if the rates have risen through the years. I am expecting to find an increase over the years and hopefully find an explanation to why this is happening. Also I plan to find out if the government has any plans to try help this issue and decrease the rates. I hope to find that most information gives the similar answers, so I can then find out who is most responsible for the rates increasing. The figures of childhood obesity all over Europe are rising quickly, and up to 400,000 deaths each year in Europe are linked to excess weight. In America it has 25,814 deaths related to obesity a year, this is close to the European number for just one country. Therefore proving obesity is a huge problem within today’s everyday life. In Wales around 10% of six year olds are obese, with it rising to 17% of 15 year...
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