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Topics: Public health, Obesity, Nutrition Pages: 5 (1653 words) Published: October 1, 2012
Student Name: Samwel NIYUKURI
Student number: n8283613
Unit name: Contemporary Public Health
Unit coordinator: Dr Marguerite (Margo) Sendall
Tutor: Dr Jeong-ah Kim
Title: Assessment 1: Annotated bibliography
Word Count: 1,516

Queensland Health. (2001). Towards Health Growth and Development: Issues of overweight, Obese and Under-nutrition among children in Queensland. Retrieve March 18th, 2011 from This article presents and overview on two major issues related to child health. Firstly, it focuses on childhood obesity then the emerging issue of overweight becoming critical public health problem as in many industrialised countries of the world today. The author’s intention is to raise awareness on skyrocketing of obesity among children in Australia manly focused in the state of Queensland. The author is highly concern with the increasing cases of obesity in children because he believes that “monitoring early childhood growth and development should be the ‘gold standard’ for measuring the success of human development efforts. He persuade that overweight and obesity are crises facing not only Australians, but in many of the industrialised countries of the world today. The author presents used results from a survey that was conducted in Australia to support his arguments, and from collected data we can see how serious this issue is with 19% to 24% of school-age children overweight or obese. He insists that actions need to be taken now to prevent and manage both overweight and poor growth amongst children of the state and the country. The author supports this claim with statistics ideas by comparing Australia with United States and five other countries. Although is an interested article, it mainly describes causes of childhood obesity than discuss discussing options for prevention. However, the author’s made a very important point that “effort to both prevention and manage over-and under-nutrition must involve appropriate and culturally sensitive intervention programs, education and research. The article clearly outlines methods of intervention programs that we need to implement in order to achieve a better health in young children. Chu, Nain-Feng. (2010). 'Strategies for Prevention and Treatment of Obesity among Children in Taiwan’, Research in Sports Medicine, 18(1), 37 — 48

In this article, the author discusses the current status of obesity in children and also highlight for its prevention and treatment in specific nation. The author strongly believes that childhood obesity is a problem because from researches it appears to be the increasing of risks of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, cancers and any subsequent effect on morbidity, although genetic, dietary pattern and lifestyle factors are related to the occurring of obesity . Obesity and overweight in childhood is one of the most critical and emerging issues across the globe, with a very huge number of adults suffering from chronicle disorders and lifestyle diseases due to being overweight during their childhood. The author discussed that the only prevention for all diseases associated with obesity is to prevent obesity in the early years because this decreases the risk disorders later in life. One of the effective strategies that the author suggested is implementing physical activities programs need to be introduced in primary and high schools to actually encourage all the kids to get involved in activities.

However, there is limitation and restrictions to some sort of exercise on overweight and obese children therefore more programs to reduce intake and increase of energy expenditure are being developed for those students. The main limitation of the article is that the trends and the effect of obesity in childhood still are serious problems not only in the public health but also in the medical treatment. Thus, authors indicate that further, more extensive, research studies and...
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