How Does Public Policy Affect Management/Leadership in Ghana?

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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Global Business and Public Policy Regimes

How does Public Policy affect Management/Leadership in Ghana?

Prepared by: Regina Maxwell

This paper will identify events which led to a change in leadership and management as a direct result of Global Public Policy initiatives in Ghana. It will explore various Public Policy initiatives which led to a change in how the Ghanaian government conducts business both locally and globally.

Ghana is a West African country which is comprised of approximately 24.3 million people. According to Mihomme, “as a colony of Great Britain, Ghana did import 45% of her imports from Great Britain and did export to Great Britain 38% of her exports. The United Kingdom had then at that time, a dominant position, a position which was the result of a century of effort to create and protect trade, to pump in the finished products and pump out the raw materials.” After establishing its independence in 1957, Ghana became one of the first African countries to receive independence and was considered one of the richest African countries prior to the British invasion. Shortly after its independence, the Ghanaian government sought to establish a modern, semi-industrialized, unitary socialist state. The primary interest of the government was political and economic organization, the ability to increase stability and productivity by utilizing cooperatives, organizations, labor, youth and farmers.

A West African country which was established based upon a power and a plethora of gold and the Trans Saharan trade. Prior to 1960, Ghana was considered the Gold Coast. During the 15th Century a plethora of gold was discovered between two Ghana’s rivers, both the Ankorbra and the Volata. Eventually, the Gold Coast was adopted by English colonizers. During 1874 the exporting of gold increased from 6 million to 9 million pounds.

As a result of military coups’, Ghana had established three Republics. In 1979 a...
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