How Does Information Help You in Your Daily Life

Topics: Decision making, Information theory, Flow to HDL Pages: 3 (1131 words) Published: October 17, 2011
“How does INFORMATION help you in your daily life?”

Information is a critical resource for decision making. It refers to data that has been processed and put into a meaningful context. . Information plays a significant role in our daily professional and personal lives and we are constantly challenged to take charge of the information that we need for work, fun and everyday decisions and tasks. Information is like water in my daily life. Information helps me quench my thirst for knowledge .I need information to make decisions and take action when needed. It helps me to find a solution to my problems by going through the alternative course of action available for that problem and select the best possible solution to me. In the current era, information is a source of empowerment. Precise and correct information about an issue or explaining my view point at any forum give me confidence and help to achieve my objective smoothly. Information helps me to recount the or retell any past event to my friends, family or sharing with my teachers. It helps me to describe the way things are happening in this rapid world and around my society. The information provides me an ease to instruct or explaining some instruction to someone from whom I am taking work for my own benefit, I can take best work at minimum cost if I have proper information about the task himself. Quality information helps me to persuade someone to whom I am arguing in minimum time, it can be my any of my friend or arguing on my viewpoint with my teacher. It helps me to convince them and to bring me the desired results. Information potentially a primary force for me to take my financial decisions, to make my monthly and weekly budget of my income and expenses that save me from short of money at any time or day of the month. It is only the blessing of the information that I can better represent myself at any forum by gaining appropriate information earlier about that forum or topic of interest about...
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