How Does Idealogy Shape Societies?

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  • Published : April 30, 2012
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Ideology Shaped Society
Actions are built on thoughts and beliefs. People act on what they believe in and this produces physical and mental results of all kinds. A society with a religion basis, a society with a governmental rule: all basic ideologies that are regarded as important factors that shape a nation. Ideology shapes society through a collaboration of common beliefs that unify a group that later determines how the society functions. Religion was a basic concept in which shaped society dramatically as it was a center of belief for all who participated. Especially in the Middle Ages, religion was followed by a large sum of the population and was, for many the simple answer to the meaning of life. For example, during the time of the Reformation, religion, specifically Christianity was a major percentage of their life; this entitled the church with a large amount of power. This led to a corruption of power as Martin Luther rebelled against it by writing the 95 theses regarding the church; which essentially filled up with abuses and comments on how the church has been constantly manipulating (McIntire). The reaction on society was an impact that had changed religion forever; Martin Luther had created his separate church called Protestant Church This division gave the church less and less power, as the people rebelled against it, thus causing a drastic change in the society of what we now know as Germany (Modern World History Online). During the Dark Ages, the Crusades had a similar issue, only during this time was when the church was in the process of mistreating the followers. History has it that all four of the Crusades had the most impact on religion between Muslims, Christians and Jews; it was a fight for the holy land of Jerusalem (Phillips). The Crusade wars caused for those three religions to go in hatred of each other, but unify as a group of people that shared the same belief or ideology. Similarly, a more modern example of this would be the split...
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