War and Warcraft

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  • Published : July 8, 2011
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War and Warcraft
The religious movement made its manifestation in Europe in the sixteen century. This was the beginning of the Reformation. The Reformation is reforming some doctrines and practices of the Roman Catholic Church and resulted in the establishment of the Protestant churches (Reformation 2003). The Reformation resulted in many wars, more suspicion of witchcraft and corruption. This paper will discuss social and culture issues relating to wars of religion, political issues of religious wars, religious conflicts associated to women, and lastly the social problem of the 17th century. The wars of religion escalated because many people were unhappy with their culture and societies few of religion. Martin Luther was one of the first to be outspoken. He stated that he did not believe that the religious society should forgive all sins. This eventually made others think and turned into a large amount of society not pleased with the religious culture of the Roman Catholic Church. There was one faith, one law and one king. The social order wanted a change in religion and took a deeper look into the doctrine. This led to many political issues. How was the church and kings going to maintain civil order with these new ideas? The state, society and religion were no longer going to be binding together. This showed the way to anarchy, destruction and of course, war. The Wars of Religion and the Reformation piloted religious self expression. Women were choosing their beliefs and able to express themselves religiously. Spiritual identification and self expression in women was perceived as a threat to social order. Even though women were expressing themselves it was still in a modest manner. This was new behavior in women which led to the suspicions of female vulnerability to demonic possession. Many believed their vulnerability could lead to witchcraft. The number one problem in my opinion is no equality in society. A social problem in the 17th century is that...
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