How Do You Perceive Someone?

Topics: Irritation, Copyright, English-language films Pages: 2 (708 words) Published: May 17, 2008
Irene Sallons
Introduction to College writing How do you perceive someone?
In a gloomy and dark classroom a student is sitting in the back of the class. The classroom reminds you of a small prison with windows, and the instructor as the warden. As she sits and takes notes, and listens carefully to what the instructor tells the class, she is wondering why she is not feeling herself.” I wish I knew a way to express myself or a way to let the instructor know I do not really like him.”

Every day in class she finds the seat, as far away from the front of the class, she looks what the instructor writes on the board. Taking notes and looking in her text book so she can have a better understanding. A fellow student asks a question and was given an answer that had nothing to do with what the question was. The students are getting very upset that he never answers the questions. The student decides to look for a word that really explains on how she is feeling. In the dictionary she look’s a word that really says it all “nettlesome” which means “Causing irritation, vexation, or distress.”

Now that she knows it she is trying to figure out how she can deal with the situation. As the student thinks she says to herself “Maybe if I tell the instructor that he is causing nettlesome in her life.” But then again College always is a hard thing to do but it is something to be proud of. Every day the instructor nettlesome the students, to the point that they would prefer not to have him as a teacher. She realizes that it is up to her to find a way to deal with the challenge and find a solution. The student is now in a much calmer frame of mind trying to put the past in the past. Everyday as she walks into the classroom she starts to feel the animosity from the instructor. She sits and ponders what will happen next and if she can persevere the feelings she has inside of not being a...
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